Texture and Aesthetics

Plastik MP offers an impressive variety of finishings and textures without secondary operations such as painting or chroming.

Shiny finish (ClassA)

Thermoforming is the only process which permits the production of pieces with a Class A finish without paint application. This method constitutes an extremely competitive process.


Chrome Finish

Plastik MP can produce pieces with a chrome finish using previously laminated sheets with chrome filming imitation. This is a very economically and technically advantageous solution compared to the standard application of chrome by coating.



Various finishings using filming

Certain films are available in small quantities which permits Plastik MP to produce pieces with added value.


Serigraphy Finishing

Plastik MP can use transparent sheets (Polycarbonate, Pet-G, PVC) which are previously printed to obtain a custom finish with several colours within the same piece.


Most common textures

It is also possible to obtain several other types of texture such as smooth or matte finishes. The availability of these textures varies in relation to the type of resin used.