Experts in Twin Sheet

Plastik MP has led the twin-sheet process (double sheet molding) since 1993. Since this time, Plastik MP has developed several dozen parts using twin-sheet thermoforming and, in doing so, has acquired a remarkable experience in this domain.

The process consists of thermoforming two sheets of plastic simultaneously, which are then fusioned together during the molding cycle. This process offers several advantages compared to blow molding and rotomolding, such as:

  • Increased rigidity of parts without increasing raw materials
  • More competitive tooling costs
  • A faster cycle time than rotomolding (2 – 3 minutes versus 20 – 30 minutes), which translates to more competitive pricing.
  • Option of using different coloured sheets for each side of a piece
  • Option of using sheets of different thicknesses for each side of a piece.
  • Possibility of enclosing functional or structural components between the sheets (ex. Metallic structures)
  • Better tolerances than rotomolding
  • Large variety of resins can be used (HMWPE, ABS, Polycarbonate, Pet-G, Kydex, etc)