Extremely Fast

Thermoforming is a process which permits a very short development period compared to other plastic transformation processes, such as injection, blow molding or rotational molding. The simplicity of toolings enable the parts a very short development time. Plastik MP relies on its rapid execution to outshine their competitors. It is principally this desire to continually reduce delays which has enabled the enterprise to control the following steps:

  • Computer assisted design (Solidworks) CAD
  • Reverse engineering with 3D Scanner
  • Tooling fabrication with 5-axis CNC
  • Complete modeling (from drawing to production)
  • Thermoforming with Rotary Equipment
  • 6-axes robotic cutting

No other thermoforming enterprise can offer shorter lead times than Plastik MP.

Delivery Time from time of the reception of a 3D file:

  • Quotation: 72 hours
  • Fabrication of a prototype mold and thermoforming of the first piece: 1 to 3 weeks
  • Fabrication of production tooling (mol and jiggs): 4 to 6 weeks



The company accepted the challenge to carry out the complete development of all components of a new electrical vehicle within a period of 8 weeks.  The vehicle is comprised of 22 different parts.

Result:  Plastik MP took up the challenge and succeeded in developing all the tooling (moulds and cutting jiggs) in such a way as to be ready to begin the production run only 8 weeks after the start of this task.