About us

Plastik MP has been founded in 1993 and is specialized in manufacture of thermoformed plastic. To offer our clients the best possible value, we incorporated the required measures and procedures for ISO9001 2008.

Our passion for fine-point technology inspired us to obtain highly performant systems and methods so as to meet our client's most complex requirements. We acquired an original thermoforming control system by infra-red scanners, allowing production to maintain constant heat over the entire plastic sheet to be molded. This results in a finished product of the highest quality, a near zero reject rate and a uniform rhythm of production.

The in-house conception and fabrication of molds, tooling and jigs ensures a better quality control of equipment and reduces delays and production costs. Furthermore our robotic operations ensure a high precision of secondary operations by maintaining precise tolerances. Finally our installations allow molding of large-dimensional parts, and offer flexibility for large projects.

Since 2011, the founder’s two sons are assuming the challenge of continuity of Plastik MP. By inheriting an experienced team (renown for their strong technical and marketing techniques), a firmly implanted customer service and an ever-present desire to develop new knowledge and performance methods, the new owners have everything in hand to guarantee efficient realization of your projects with the best balance of quality/cost.